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Endurance Herbs

Providing athletes with the access to the highest quality, pure and all natural, vitamin and herbal supplements in the industry!

                      While whole foods should and can provide the majority of the nutrition the typical person needs, athletes require an increased amount of specific nutritional components. Anyone introducing exercise into their daily routine will experience less aches, pains and discomfort, along with increased performance by ensuring they have what their body needs.

These special components are needed to provide the body with an adequate amount of energy and fuel to consistently train at a high level. This is fairly common knowledge, and most athletes ensure they are getting enough protein and carbohydrates in their diet to function adequately and also often add supplements in an attempt to provide themselves with the right vitamins and minerals for optimum performance. However, most of these athletes are still not getting the right, nor enough, of the nutrition they really need to maintain optimal health, and an ability to handle the intense rigors of their training schedules, and do so while avoiding injuries.

The problem is twofold. First, athletes don’t have the information they need about their nutritional requirements, or worse, they have misinformation. Furthermore, most commercially available products DO NOT contain pure, unadulterated sources of these essential nutrients. This is a major problem! The majority of supplements being manufactured by the majority of companies include synthetic forms of vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, many companies claim to contain substances from sources such as plants but do not include the proper part of the plant that contains the active ingredient that is beneficial!

This problem has led me to conduct extensive research in order to discover the most advantageous combinations of nutrients that the elite athlete needs to train at the level of intensity needed with room to spare, that will allow them to move to the next level and remain injury free in the process, and where to attain the purest sources of these rich and essential nutrients.

So what are the specific nutrients that an athlete needs?

  • Plenty of complete proteins (which include branched chain amino acids, beta-alanine and so forth), for building muscle and enhancing muscle strength, and to buffer acid production during high-intensity exercise.
  • A whey protein to enhance tissue repair.
  • Glucosamine/chondroitin also for tissue repair and muscle fuel storage
  • Carbohydrates 
  • Anti-inflammatory prostaglandins for muscle, ligament, tendon and joint health.
  • Fish oil/omega 3s for cell membrane health
  • Antioxidants (intense exercise produces an exponential amount of damaging free radicals)
  • Enzymes such as protease that break down excess proteins that can cause inflammation.
  • The full regiment of vitamins.
  • Fiber absorbs excess fats and keeps cholesterol in check.
  • And as many alkaline sources as possible to keep the body ph balanced.

The following products, along with a diet rich in whole foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and leans meats, will provide ALL of this. And in pure sources that the body can successfully assimilate, thereby allowing for intense, stress and injury free training. I myself can attest that the benefits are enormous.



Nature’s Harvest

Green Zone


Relief Formula

Solstic Revive Glucosamine and Electrolyte drink

Nutri-Burn Whey Protein Drink

Nature’s Sunshine is a reputable company committed to acquiring only pure, unadulterated forms of these nutrients. They provide only the proper parts of plants with the highest biological activity for the highest quality and strength, and also check extensively for contaminates such as mercury—common in other fish oils, ocean herbs, and crustacean shells (the source of glucosamine).

Let us help. Please contact us with any questions you have.


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